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Gardener's Soap Scrub
Gardener's Soap Scrub

Gardener's Soap Scrub

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If you love gardening and find joy in digging your hands into dark soil, this also means standing in the sink trying to get all that filth off your hand creases and finger nails. This will gently exfoliate, nourish and leave your overworked hands wonderfully soft. Finally, enjoy the addition of tea tree and rosemary essential oils for its antiseptic properties while increasing blood flow to the skin.

Even when you don’t have a green thumb, use this when doing outdoor activities, working on cars or other greasy and dirty things that is more than the dish soap can handle.

How to Use:

  1. Rinse or moisten hands.
  2. Stir the contents of the scrub well with a spoon (some ingredients will settle)
  3. Apply a small dollop to the palms of your hands, paying particular attention to the skin creases where dirt gets trapped. 
  4. Rinse and enjoy your squeaky-clean, grime-free gardener hands.

Made thoughtfully with granulated sugar, castile soap, coconut oil, essential oils of rosemary and tea tree.