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About The Brand

Theodore's Home Care creates high quality, thoughtful, safe and highly effective cleaning companions for women and housewives, while helping them brighten their everyday mundane chores into something that can bring joy, help relax and bring satisfaction into their homemaking journey.

Our brand was inspired by the reason we were created: “Theodore”. It all started when Theodore’s mom, Irene, wanted to stop using commercial cleaners with harsh and nasty chemicals that aggravated Theodore’s asthma. She was frustrated but with that came an idea: "I’ll make my own cleaners with pure and natural ingredients that smell good and are safe to use around kids like Theodore but are highly effective as the chemical ones."

Every bottle of Theodore’s is a true labor of love. Made only in small batches every day to guarantee freshness, they are handcrafted with the highest quality of ingredients available. Our effective formulations are created with the purest of intentions, the same way they were made years back to ease and control Theodore’s asthma.

Theodore’s Home Care is about sharing the joy of cleaning. We envision women who delight in the experience of cleaning and creating a healthy home through our products. At a time when most families have hired help to do the cleaning, oftentimes the household chores no longer connote enjoyment and cleaning is perceived as a "dirty task."

This is the reason why we are inspired to reach out to more mothers and wives every day … to lighten her load, help her enjoy cleaning, find it therapeutic and put her worries to rest in keeping her home clean, healthy and happy for her family. That’s because our products not only clean well but are a pleasure to use.

Being all-natural, free from harmful synthetic chemicals, our products are safe for the little people in our homes and encourage families to include cleaning as a task they can do with their kids, daily! In fact, research shows that household chores instill in kids a sense of responsibility and respect.